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Flock99 is a group of young adults (aged 21 to 35), based at St Nicholas of Myra Parish, Penrith. Flock99 meetings are held once a week, usually after 6pm mass on Sunday nights.

The name ‘Flock99’ was inspired by the parable of the lost sheep. Jesus is our shepherd and we are his flock. We are safe in the hands of Christ, and as his flock we are entrusted by Him to help bring others to God.

Flock99 members come from a variety of backgrounds and each member contributes uniquely to the exciting dynamic and warm friendship that is found in this group. We welcome anyone aged 21 to 35 who wants to learn more about the Catholic faith, connect with like-minded young adults, and share our faith with our community through the gifts God has blessed us with.

Meetings are held weekly in a variety of formats, including spiritual based meetings such as Holy Hour and Theology sessions, as well as social gatherings such as Home Dinners and various other events. Weekly attendance is not required, and members are encouraged to attend meetings that suit their needs, interests and availability.

Flock99 members are also active within the parish, local community, and also participate in Diocesan events.


If you would like further information about Flock99 or would like to speak to a Flock99 Leader please email

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